Family Pic 2015

Family Pic 2015

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Day 2

The second day was Sunday and the ward we went to was hoping that we were a new family moving in:) 

We stopped at a small town on the way to our destination in Crescent City California, and Kami was stopped by a man and a woman who saw all of the kids and parents pile out of the car. They said, " We just wanted to express what a pleasure it is to see a family that is so nice, modest and clean!"

This was the bathroom stop, complete with a fly swatter with the key attached:

A car Caden admired:

I guess Nolan wanted in the picture too: 

We reached Crescent City late in the afternoon and enjoyed some good beach time.  The little boys couldn't even remember the ocean, they were so young last time we went.  In fact, Abe and Pace hadn't even been born!  Nolan and Abram were immediately soaked and couldn't get enough of it.  Pace was immediately caught by a small little wave and rolled over and over and he was scared of the water from then on.

And We're Off! Family vacation 2017

We anticipated this trip all summer long!!

Getting fuel for the car and snacks for our bods:

First big stop was the fish hatchery on the way to Portland. Sadly, someone let Herman the Sturgeon go, so there were no ginormous sturgeons, but it was still fun:

My bunch all in a bunch:)

Then it was on to the Portland temple:

I am so glad they are mine forever!!

Snuggling in after the first day:

EFY for Maddie

Maddie had the opportunity to go to EFY in Logan with her friend Mariah Rigby in July.  Shawn was going to have to miss work to pick her up when it was over because we would be heading right out on a family vacation, and I didn't want him to miss work to take her, too.  I am a terrible driver, because the second i get behind a wheel I fall asleep.  Soooo, I talked my sister Katie into making the trip with me!  It was so much fun!! 

We stayed the night in Rexburg on the way down and katie surprised Gracie for her birthday!  She was staying with Abby and Jonah and Katie stood at their window like this until they noticed her and scared them to death:

The next day we dropped Maddie off, and then we went to see the Logan temple because we had never seen it and had heard so many stories about the construction of it:

The grounds and temple were so beautiful!!

Katie, David and Gideon:

Katie and I had the greatest time talking and the boys were so excited to be on this little excursion, and it was just so much fun.  One of my memories of the trip was that I bought cases and cases of propels and we had to stop at every single rest area that we passed all the way there and back.  But I never fell asleep!!!

Meanwhile Maddie and Mariah had a GREAT week!:

Caledonian Games

Shawn heard that there were Caledonian Games in Athena Oregon every year, so a couple of weeks into July we headed over to see what they were all about.

They were all about super stout men in kilts.

I could see Shawn considering becoming a lean man in a kilt...:
My boys being buddies warmed my heart:

But mostly everyone talked (whined) about how hot it was and how thirsty they were until we went into the park where it was more shady and listened to all of the Scotland-type music.  Kami and Caden missed out on it all as they are ALWAYS working.  I could see us going again next year...possibly....if we remember...:
I'm glad we got to experience it!

scooter boy

Some of our neighbors, the Wares, have spoiled our kids rotten ever since we moved in!  They gave Pace a scooter and helmet that their son had outgrown.  Pace hardly ever goes without either, and I can't get over how cute it is!:

He plays hard riding it around and then he crashes:

And a random picture of him at Pioneer Park with a little girl that he met and played with there:

Independance Day

This was a fun-packed day!  We first went to the parade, which was pretty good!:

Then we hustled over to mom and dads for a barbecue with all of the family.  THEN Eli and Caden decided that it would be really fun to hike into Kilmoque (sp) Lake and Shawn and I thought that sounded like a pretty great idea!  Hardly anyone wanted to come, and the kids were happy to stay behind and play with cousins. Luckily Maddie had some tennis shoes for me to borrow so that I was able to go! We got down from the trail at dusk, just in time to head to Haines for the fireworks.

The group of us that went: Me, Caden, Zack (Katie and steve's son) Shawn and Eli:

When we got to the lake, Eli and Caden went for a quick swim:

Great day indeed!  This was the second year in a row that we went hiking on the Fourth.  I am liking the tradition!!