Family Pic 2017

Family Pic 2017

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Fourth

We started out the day with a breakfast at our house, potluck style.  We took care of the pancakes, Jodi and Evan brought the scrambled eggs, Marilyn and Jim brought the bacon and sausage, and Kory and Suzette brought milk and OJ.

Below: Kory, Chloe, Abram, Isabelle, Shawn (who had been working since 5:30 and came home for breakfast), and Nolan

Jim and Marilyn (above); Addie below:

Marilyn and Jodi:

Isabelle, Gracie and Maddie:

Above: Nolan, Abram and Sander.
Below: Pace and Creed:

Addie, Gracie, Hannah, Chloe, Maddie, Belle and Eden:

I didn't manage to get pictures of Kami, (who was getting ready for the parade) Caden, or Suzette:(
The breakfast ended when the fun- runners had to take off to get registered for the "Main Street Mile" which is held directly before the parade. This was run by Nolan,:

Sander, Belle, Shawn and Abram:
 (They got free swimming passes for running so we spent the afternoon at the pool!)

Then we got down to waiting for the parade!
Sander, Eden, Nolan, Hannah and Addie:

And Kami went through twice!  First on a Distinguished Young Woman float:

...after which she and her friend Haylee ran and changed and caught up with the Student council!:

She ran the kids some goodies; evidently she forgot her shoes when she brought her change of clothes... she mentioned burnt-feeling feet for the rest of the day:

A girl had called Caden and asked for his help passing out yogurts, so the kids scored big there, too:)

We were pretty tired after a day of swimming and fireworks-  I so love the fourth of July, though!   I am so grateful for this great country that we live in and I love the opportunity to celebrate it's origin!


My SIL Jodi and her family also came for a visit and brought along their boat and took us boating.  What a blast!
Sander and Nolan:

Above; Belle, Maddie, Gracie, Abram and Jodi
Below: Belle, Addie, Nolan and Sander

I picked Shawn up from work on the way up and forgot his swimsuit - woops!  Luckily Kami came up later and brought it.  Downside was that they didn't get to swim until it was really cooling off.  We ended up leaving the lake at 10:00! It sure was refreshing to get into that water with temperatures in the high nineties!
Maddie on the knee board:

Thanks Jodi and Evan- you sure do know how to make a fun time whenever you are here!


We were super excited to have my sister Ivy and her family come and visit the 1st- the 3rd!  As usual, I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked.  I have GOT to start doing better about that!!!

Pace and Ezra hanging out at the water table:

Nolan, Kilynn and Abram:

We went to the splash park one day:

Abram and Kilynn:

Ivy and Ezra:

Kilynn, Joseph and Margi
Kilynn, Joseph and Margi
The kids had a good time getting acquainted with their cousins, and the adults had a great time catching up - and going to the temple together! I am SO glad that they came for a visit!