Family Pic 2017

Family Pic 2017

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The wonder of mothers

Maybe I'm strange or different than other mothers in this regard, but there are many times that I expect that my kids will be impressed by my efficiency, or ideas, or the way I do things.

...And it's because I am impressed by what I accomplish, or think up to help them out in some way, or by how many things I get done in a short amount of time, or how prepared I am for things even when there was no time for preparation. I find myself thinking, "my kids are going to LOVE this!  They will be so amazed that I did this!!"

And then my kids come home and they notice, or I tell them, or they eat it, etc; and they are appreciative- but I can sense that what I did is just what they expected!

Then I realize, over and over again, that I am the mother, and in my kids eyes I can do anything, so nothing surprises them.  Mothers always take care of and figure out everything.

They don't realize that just yesterday I was their age.  I was learning everything - how to meet deadlines, how to multi-task, how to think through a problem... and doing well at some things, but failing just as often.

And the thing is, that I still feel like their age today.  As the incompetent, incapable, inefficient person that I often was. Many times, when things turn out just right, I am amazed by myself and all that I can do:  all the comforts that I can provide, all that I can get done in a very short amount of time- even while holding a cranky toddler - all the driving around and errands that I take kids on, and still arrive home to a warm meal.  I have learned to plan, and do and love.

My mom used to tell us that everything she had become was because she was a mother. Maybe she said this to us whenever she was particularly impressed with something that she did for us and when she noticed that what she did was just what we expected! She saw needs, and as she met them she learned and she and her capabilities grew.

Today I have to echo what she has said - everything I am or that I am becoming is because I am a mother.  And the most incredible wonderful thing of all is that I am becoming my mother!!!

Today I appreciate all the things that my mother thought, perhaps, that I didn't appreciate the way she was appreciating them- because I am experiencing the same things.

God's plan is so good.  It is so enriching and fulfilling.  It helps us to progress so much faster than we could in any other way!

And, amazingly, someday in the future, I will look back and be amazed by what I have become since this very moment in time! It's amazing to think about a person's potential - ours, our children's, even our parents.

Today, I still see my mother progressing and doing more than she ever thought she was capable of doing.  She is amazing!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

homecoming dance

When Kami was in (the second grade?) she was in an "Ugly Bug Ball" performance.  Here is a picture of her and her dance partner Max Moore:

About a week after school started, the above picture showed up on the front porch inside a glass jar filled with lady-bugs and green grass with this sign on it:

Isn't that cute?!
Kami answered right back with this:

(tea lights inside of Easter eggs, for those of you who would like to make "fireflies" with your kids!)

Part of Kami's audience whenever a date picks her up:)

Max's mom is one of my best friends, and she sent me lots of pictures from the night as well; here are a couple:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Isabelle showed me all of the books she is currently reading a few evenings ago:

I was impressed that she could tell me what was going on in each one!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Abram got to start preschool yesterday, and boy was he excited!!

As we got closer to the first day, he frequently reminded me about how much Pace and I were going to miss him while he was gone:) And we did! But luckily we were turned around going back to pick him up before we even knew it ;)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Today was "decades day" at school for Miss Madeline, and she chose to look like a girl from my decade in highschool (early 90's):

She didn't worry about the clothes, just did the hair.  It brought back some memories!  My brother Matt and his friends used to refer to this hair-do as the "bug-shield":) I remember girls that did their hair just the way Maddie had hers done - super high ratted bangs with permed hair.  After she left for school, I had to pull out my high school yearbooks and look at those crazy hair-dos.  Mine wasn't quite that extreme here, but I think that it may have been close years earlier!  Unfortunately this is the only picture I could find that had that type of bangs:

Sunday, September 7, 2014

I've waited a long time for this!

I have a new exercise partner:

I love exercising with friends, but as life gets busier it's pretty hit-and-miss getting together to exercise with them. I've thought many times, since the kids were little, that it would be great when they were old enough to exercise with.  And this year Kami decided to join the gym with me!

We go three times a week and do cardio and lift weights and talk and laugh and I am really enjoying it...except that I now have to go in the afternoons or evenings.  But even though I am not as energetic later in the day, it's a great chance to spend time with one of my best friends!

Monday, September 1, 2014

family pics

When I wake up to mornings like this:

I start getting excited and make plans for the whole day.  First on the agenda: family pictures.  Because I've been really wanting Pace to have a place in one! And because the one I've had on the blog is from 2010.

Caden set up his camera on a tripod and my nieces that slept over the night before pressed the button:) I think I like the ones of Shawn and I sitting the best because ....just because I think it looks more uniform or something now that we have all  these height differences.  What do you think?

Shawn and I always try for a picture together, and none ever turn out, but here is one we kind-of liked. And there's only one kid in it:)

Now we are off to husk and freeze our corn, and then go on a family hike.  Happy Labor Day everyone!