Family Pic 2017

Family Pic 2017

Monday, February 25, 2013

The napping house

Abram has decided that he really likes a mom that takes it easy all day.  Now that  I am beginning to feel a little bit better and am actually standing up once in awhile (I know- pathetic) he comes and gets me and says, "mom, come sit down on the couch and lets snuggle!!"  If he finds me on the couch he takes advantage of the situation and hurries to "snuggle in" with me.

This reminds me of the children's book "The Napping House"
The other day I couldn't keep my eyes open for another minute and settled in for a quick nap. After awhile Abram found me and I  felt him climb onto my back and soon he started twitching.  Shawn walked through sometime during this time and was pretty pleased with the picture he found - in fact, he told me I needed to put it on my blog this morning:)

Abram is an affectionate little boy.  This morning with a mock-dejected face he said, "Mom, I have a sad thing for you:  you haven't given me a kiss and a hug!" We sure enjoy this boy!!  It's moments like these that make up for how ROTTEN he has been at church for the last two weeks...the little cutie:)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013




Abram's - love the "feathers" around its eyes:

 I have an awesome younger brother and my kids have the greatest Uncle Eli!! A couple of days after Valentines Day these Valentines arrived in the mail for the kids.  They have been so excited about them!!  We can't believe all the work that went into them.  Can you believe that a toilet paper roll could ever be turned into anything so amazing?!  They were stuffed full of candy, which I think was the highlight to the little boys, but the rest of us, who enjoy creative out-lets, really appreciated all the work and artistic ability that went into them!


I've heard a rumor that my younger sister, Heidi, made one of these for all the children in her kids school classes.  No big deal - SHE ONLY HAS EIGHT CHILDREN?!?!!! Well, I guess only five or six of them are in school - that really changes things!!!!


I might have to find a way to incorporate these into my decorating....if I can wrench them away from my kids!;)

Belle's- complete with glasses:

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's day is GREAT when you make someone else's day brighter!!

Well, after a week and a half of hard work, Nolan finished up his "robot valentines".  He was as pleased as punch about them and so excited to take them to school.  I mass produced different shapes for him, but he did everything else- this was quite a project for a five year old!!

Isabelle and Madeline finished theirs as well:

We did our traditional valentines poems about everyone in the family and hung them around on the kitchen windows...we weren't quite as poetic this year, so I will spare you the poems:) I WAS pleased with one that I wrote about Shawn, though, because I was able to put in a few quotes that are always used in Louis L'amour novels.  (Shawn's go-to reading when he needs something really light and has time to read for pleasure -hasn't happened in a long while, so I thought he's enjoy it vicariously through my lovely poetry:)  I generally enjoy making fun of Louis L'amours and the frequently- used quotes in them:) My poem:

"Shawn is an anchor, a ship in my port,
When the "chips are down,"
he's such a great sport!
caring and loving, a sweetheart- giver,
He's one with which to
"ride the river"!"

We also made our traditional cupid rounds and Shawn did his traditional buying of roses for all of us ladies in the family.  He sends them to school for the girls - cute! I buy the boys chocolates or something...So we did all of our traditional things, but the BEST part of Valentines day was Kami's Valentine's day!

A week or so ago I mentioned to Kami that it might be fun for her and her friends to anonymously give valentines with really nice notes and candy on them, to random people all day at school.  She mentioned it to her friends and they were really excited about the idea, so for several weeks they watched people and decided who they thought could use a pick-me-up or that would just be fun to give a Valentine to. They pretty much stalked them:) They had the best day!!! One boy held his Valentine in his hand all day long and was still holding it on the bus ride home.  They walked up to one boy and told him that someone wanted them to give him a Valentine and he kept saying, "Are you sure it's really for me?" "Are you sure?"  They kept reassuring him.  Isn't that kind-of sad? Anyways, they had the greatest day!  There was also a boy in Kami's class that made a Valentine for every single girl in the class and no two Valentine's said the same thing. Kami's said, "Dear Kamille, You're the shine to my sun.  You're flippin' amazing and beautiful."  He made all the girls feel special like that. What a nice kid!

Kami ended the day by saying, "There are so many people that say they HATE Valentine's day! I think the reason they don't like it is because they sit around waiting for someone to make the day good for them.  They would love it if they stopped thinking about themselves and thought about how they could brighten up someone else's day!!!"

Thursday, February 14, 2013

heart day

The best Valentine heart-day story is unfolding right now for the Bingham family (a family I grew up with in my ward back home).  Their little girl has been waiting for a transplant since July and today is finally getting a heart! My heart is feeling pretty tender today and I also feel so humbled and grateful...lots of prayers going up for their family today from all over the place.  They are good, faith-filled and inspiring people.  You can read about their story at: then send some prayers their way:)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Seeing clearly

 I always take the kids in for a vision check-up before they head to Kindergarten.  Then I don't usually take them again until they complain about their vision or I notice a problem.  A couple of weeks ago a note came home from school that Isabelle had been screened and they thought it was possible that she would need glasses.  I took her to our ophthalmologist and sure enough, it became apparent rather quickly that she needed glasses pretty badly!!

And unlike a lot of other kids her age, she did NOT want glasses!  I think she purposely didn't mention anything to me about her eyesight because I really had to press her to get her in to see the eye doctor.  Now that I know about it, she has been asking me about things she can't see well (like the numbers for the hymns at church when we're sitting half-way up the chapel)!

After making sure that she really WAS too young for contacts, (ahhh vanity!!!) she reluctantly went to try on frames. She observed each of the different glasses for about ten minutes per frame and then after surveying herself from every angle she decided on these frames:
first time trying them on after school today
They're kind-of purplish/pink from the sides:

 I think they're pretty cute on her and I think she is beginning to like the idea of being able to see!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I might be eating WAY too much food!!

Well, the cat's out of the bag. Tonight while we were making our weekly family Sunday visit with Shawn's family, there was a little lull in the conversation and Abram said, "My mom is going to have a baby!" My mother-in-law said, "Is this true?" And being put on the spot, I admitted that it was!  We told the three younger kids on Friday night (the three older were told some time earlier because I felt guilty about how lazy I was appearing to them). I am just about finished with my first trimester so figured it was safe to tell the little kids.  I was still hoping that maybe they'd keep it a secret for a little bit longer, but I also knew that once those little ones knew, everyone is going to know! The funny thing is that Abram didn't seem to pay any attention or show any interest in what we were saying, but was the one to suddenly remember and spill the beans!  Nolan was excited, but wanted to be in on the secret a little while.  Isabelle has been so ecstatic that she can't think of or talk about anything else, feels my stomach several times a day, and giggles and exclaims multiple times a day that she can't wait until the end of August!! But she cracks me up because she was also worried about telling anyone.  She said, "Mom, what if we tell people that you're going to have a baby and then we find out that you're just bigger because you're eating way too much food?!?! .... And then we have to tell everyone... that would be so EMBARRASSING!!"

Hmmm...Prepare yourselves for that possibility...  I will do the same:)

 I'm a cautious sort of a person.  I really want to do the right things in this earth life that I'm experiencing and I know that those right things aren't always easy things.  I felt overwhelmed once I had six kids and finally, when  I felt a little bit more on top of things I decided to pray about whether or not there were any more kids for our family.  And sure enough there was! However, I must admit that  I was relieved when month after month went by without anything happening.  But then it really started wearing on me and after a year had gone by like that I told Shawn that I was at least going to lose my two extra pounds that I always have to gain to get pregnant (it had actually turned into four or five but he didn't need to know that:).  I was tired of hanging around in limbo and figured that if I was meant to get pregnant it would happen at any weight.  So I stopped wondering, thinking or considering about being pregnant. I went ahead and lost my weight.

And I just hope this baby turns out OK even with a clueless mother, because not only did I lose some weight it's first month, but in January I fasted for fast Sunday and I could not figure out why I felt so crummy!  (I chalked  it up to my blood sugar issues since I had been eating things I shouldn't through the holidays) I mentioned to Shawn that this felt like a particularly hard fast and I didn't know if I could do it - I was so dizzy, felt so weak and tired and the strangest thing was that even though I could tell I was super hungry NOTHING sounded good to eat!! Usually everything sounds good!! He gave me a funny, questioning sort of look and it dawned on me what he was thinking, but I was so positive that it couldn't be, that  I totally dismissed it.  But then I felt horrible and could hardly choke down dinner. Monday I felt worse.  Tuesday I was flat on my back on the couch trying not to move a muscle so as to hold back the inevitable, or running for the bathroom. I finally saw the obvious and by then I was about six weeks along!  I've been sicker than I have ever been, but it's also clearing up faster than it ever has.  It's been a real blessing that Shawn was able to be home through some of the weeks that  I was at my worst.  And a blessing that when I had the flu on top of it, with a bunch of sick little kids, and he was gone, his sisters brought us dinner those nights!!

Now if everyone will just find out without me having to tell them... I don't enjoy announcing.  I hate seeing  thoughts so plain on people's faces - I feel relief when I see genuine excitement and happiness written there, but for the most part people just aren't excited for #7 - by the time you reach that number they either think you're crazy or it makes them mad- one man said that after you have five you're just showing off to have more!  What?!?! Anyways,  that just seems so sad for number seven.

I content myself with the fact that my little family is super excited  - Kami is determined to have the baby share a room with her...(I may take her up on that from the very night we arrive home from the hospital!!!:) Tonight Abram was talking about his next birthday.  I told him that he wasn't allowed to have another birthday because he'd turn four and that was way too old!! Caden stated that he'd be almost four when we had the baby and then said, "Thank goodness we're having another baby!!" I've been thankful for all of my excited children and friends and for a husband that has his priorities in the right place and really whooped and cheered when I called and told him over the phone.  Because those are the kinds of things that make the hard end of things so much easier and more endurable...until the reward of a fresh, new, sweet little baby at our house!! A new little personality to get to know and enjoy- a new personality that will bless our family in so many ways.  Another little spirit to teach and train that will also bring growth to each of us.