Family Pic 2017

Family Pic 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017

This and that

I remember sitting down to the table for dinner and feeling like this side of the table had an excess of energy, but it looks relatively calm in the pic - either way, I don't want to forget these crazy days and great time of my life:

Two buddies:

My cute niece, Hazel, at Sunday visits at Grandma Gee's house, wearing a pair of her clip-on earrings:

An incredible lesson that Isabelle gave on choices and consequences in Family Home Evening.  She is the best teacher!

Pace insisted on wearing this fireman hat to go shopping at Walmart. I don't like drawing attention to myself, but ended up being happy he brought it, as 15 minutes into the shopping trip he started feeling like he would throw up.  I turned it up-side-down in his lap just in case while we hurriedly got out of the store!

Shawn and I went for a job interview over in Pendleton Oregon in early January.  The roads were just awful the first day and by the time we got to Boise, we found out that the road from Ontario to Baker had been closed.  My parents were also stuck in Boise after their temple shift.  They had a hotel room and got one with an extra bed and invited us to share it with them that night.  It was pretty fun- like a grown-up slumber party, all lying there talking in the dark:)  The next morning the roads opened up and were clear, and I got this picture that I thought was so lovely with pink and purple in the morning sky against the white snow:

I'm all Pace has when all the kids are at school during the day, so every now and then we head out to play.  On this particular day we played in some snow forts that Caden built with the little boys, down on the pond.  The forts are pretty big!:

Sometimes i take a picture while I'm exercising and send it to shawn:)

I never get tired of watching him sleep:

Some honey we harvested recently:

Pace woke up one morning telling me that he wanted a "bat".  I finally figured out that he was talking about a cape, but just didn't know the word for it:)  We went to the store and I pointed out the red satin to him, but he saw the yellow, so yellow we got because he "yuffs lellow"  I sewed it up for him and he has been using it quite a bit!

Kami came home to watch Ellie in Distinguished Young Women - It was so fun to be there with all of my favorite gals:

Our school has a "start with hello" week at school.  On Friday all the kids were supposed to wear green.  Caden had his own take on that.  He wore a name tag with "Hello my name is Jill Stein" on it.  ( She is a leader of the Green party)...

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