Family Pic 2017

Family Pic 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kami at college

It's pretty gratifying to raise a kid and know that they are surviving and taking care of and being responsible for themselves all on their own.  Kami has had some great learning experiences at college!

She's had great roommates - this is a few of them, dressed as unicorns for Halloween:

l-r: Shayla (not a roommate yet), Suze, Kami and Brooke

Before Christmas, Kami tried out for a spot in the Women's Choir at BYU.  Then she had to wait until she got back to school to find out if she had a spot.   It was very competitive and she was so excited to get in! Also, the girl to her left in the picture is Shayla Babcock and the girl below and between them is Brynn Piper, all of them from Madison.  Go Bobcats!!:

Also when Kami went back to school, she got a new roommate, who is actually her good friend from our ward, Caroline Bressler.  It's great that they are rooming together because they can ride home together and we see Kami more often!

Yesterday Kami sent me this picture.  She had just visited the salon and got a new haircut:

So cute!:

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