Family Pic 2017

Family Pic 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

We started on our journey to Oregon in what has become traditional Gee family style, ie squished:

Boy was it ever good to be home!!!  Shawn and i went for a walk up the hill and into the forest and discovered this machine. Shawn was explaining to me how it works:

As usual, the Thanksgiving dinner was held at the church, and this year the families that were accommodated there were:  Katie and her family, Matt and his family, Heidi and her family, Danny and his family, Eli and a handful of other people that were invited by various family members.

After dinner we sang our Christmas carols for awhile ( that is tradition on Thanksgiving day) and then Shawn got a game of Scatterball going in the gym that lasted for a LONG time.

I love that my dad still gets into playing games like this with the family:

I think that just about everyone played at one time or another, and some the entire time.

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