Family Pic 2017

Family Pic 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Pre- Christmas events

Before Christmas the boys got their traditional letters to Santa written:

(Dear Santa,  Thank you for all the presents you gave me last year.  For the things I need, I need some extra shoes and socks, and hopefully some toothpaste.  For the things I want, are some good fantasy books.  Also some Legos and some toy action figures, and maybe an alarm clock.  I'd like to thank you for all of the things you've done for all the kids in the world.  From:  Nolan (boy)).

Abrams letter: "Pleas give me a toy bat and a toy rain deer and a bike and a toy sword and a toy tooth and a toys shark.  And legos and gum and a robot."

Then I heard that Santa was going to be at the library, so I grabbed the little boys and waited in a reaaaalllly long line just so that the boys could make sure Santa knew just what to get for them:)

This year the church asked all of the members to "light the world".  For every day in December, leading up to Christmas, they had postings on their website of something that Christ did to light the world, followed by suggestions that we could do, as well.  Every morning before we began family scripture study, I read the suggestions for that day, so that we could all do it.  There were a handful of times that we did something all together as a family.  The pictures below were of the day that said, "Jesus healed the sick and so can you":

We bought this stuffed animal and then brought it up to the hospital to give to a sick child.  The kids loved it, and we all felt good!

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